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Originating in the Bay Area, The Complicators first made waves with their debut EP and a split 7″ with Empire Down. In the years since, the band worked hard at writing the songs that would eventually become this full length, rudely interrupted by the global pandemic, during which time their original drummer, Radu Poliac, moved away. Once live music was again viable, singer Quincy Atkinson, guitarist Matt Garcia, and bassist Sean Smith resumed with new drummer Cameron Wallace.

It was this lineup that entered Kurt Riska‘s Hobbit Hole Studio in Concord, CA to, laying down these 12 songs of anthemic working class punk. Although firmly rooted in the sounds of Oi!, street punk, and hardcore, The Complicators consciously looked beyond the obvious when crafting the record, embracing a wide stylistic range that reflects their varied musical influences, resulting in their most sonically dynamic collection of songs yet.

While The Complicators preferred not to make an entirely political record, the band members’ engagement with humanitarian themes and working class struggles naturally informed their writing, and demanded that they make their positions on certain issues crystal clear, such as on the standout track “American Shame,” which pushes back on the demonization of immigrants by Donald Trump and his acolytes.

However, with their strongest material in the can and finally able to play out once again, it wouldn’t not be long before The Complicators faced…complications. This time it was Sean and Cameron who found themselves making necessary moves, and suddenly the Bay Area punk band was spread as far as Pennsylvania…and Australia.

Nevertheless, the current lineup is a unit that is determined to rise above such geographical concerns. Matt says, “Many years and thousands of hours of work went into this album and I am beyond stoked that we got it recorded and Pirates Press Records is gonna put it out. Love playing music with these guys and can’t wait to play some shows next summer.”

Cameron echoes those sentiments. “To anyone thinking of starting, or returning to play music, do it; find your band mates, find yourself,” he advises. “This record was a lot of work, but hands down, [it is] one of the greatest times and accomplishments of my life.”

Giving the world the first taste of their newest sounds via the track “Another Round” on Pirates Press Records‘ latest For Family and Flag compilation, the reinvigorated Complicators are looking forward to teaming with the label to release their LP in the new year, and then hop on all the airplanes necessary to come together for a slate of touring to spread the good word far and wide!


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Blitz, Syndrome81, Criminal Damage, Bishops Green, Have Heart, With Honor, Final Fight
Explicit Tracks
#2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 12 (Clean edits on DISCO)