talker - I'm Telling You The Truth


“Backed by jittery pop beats and indie guitar riffs, she does it, conveying vulnerability through open writing and catchy choruses that stay with you long after the song is gone.” – PAPER

“Brash, lively, and playfully hopeless.” – STEREOGUM

“A mesmerizing, instant masterpiece.” – ONES TO WATCH / THE NOISE

Leave your inhibitions at the door –– this summer, talker bares it all on her highly-anticipated debut album, I’m Telling You The Truth. After five years of releasing consistently-impressive, always-eccentric indie-pop anthems, Celeste Tauchar––the vibrant and versatile songwriter behind talker––sheds her inhibitions across 11 tracks of radical and resilient honesty.

“I didn’t know that this would be my most honest collection of songs as I was writing it. I did know that I was going through an insane period of self-discovery and change, and that the only way through that time was to accept it and fully embody it,” the LA-based songwriter explains.

Celeste tapped a dream team to take her raw vision to new heights, including producers Collin Pastore & Jake Finch (Lucy Dacus, boygenius, illuminati hotties), Daniel Loumpouridis (Louis the Child, KING MALA, Ryan Woods), Jon Graber (We Are The Union, Goldfinger, The All-American Rejects), and Aidan Hogg (G Flip, Hatchie).

With I’m Telling You The Truth, there’s no room for the imagery and metaphors that Tauchar leaned on in the past. “I love the craft of songwriting, I only want to keep getting better and better with my lyricism, but that has also sometimes led me to cover things up or making things more conceptual than I should have.”

With these songs, Celeste instead challenged herself to say the scary stuff out loud––examining issues with friendships, her parents, and her own shitty behavior.

She explains: “This album forced me to unpack a lot of dynamics and face people in my life that I avoided before, because I knew that I couldn’t get around them hearing the song. I had to call my parents and sit down with my friend. I had to call up another friend and have a cathartic call about how scary some of her health issues had been for the people who loved her. It forced these conversations that needed to happen, and ultimately, it made me realize that I’m a lot more self-assured than I thought, and the world doesn’t end if you’re up front with people about how you’re feeling.”

“In the last year since I finished making the album, I’ve settled so much more deeply into my sense of self, and truly not caring what people may think about my truth. There are some things still to be revealed through these songs, and some things I’m still figuring out how best to approach, but I know that I have the capacity and am actually doing the work that I was afraid to do until now.”

Over the past five years, talker has released 3 EPs to critical acclaim, receiving nods from NPR Music for her dreamy Tiny Desk Concert submission, The A.V. Club‘s anticipated releases of March 2022, Billboard‘s favorite pop songs, UPROXX‘s Best New Indie, #2 on KROQ’s Locals Only, and more. She’s toured throughout the U.S. supporting artists like Smidley (Conor from Foxing) and Future Teens, and has done co-headlining tours with Lady Pills, Maddie Ross, and Lou Roy. In July 2023, she hosted a weekly residency at the Love Song in Los Angeles, performing a different body of work at every show.