SWiiMS - Into The Blue Night

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“In this new musical endeavor, the Canadian trio’s ethereal dream pop sound hits like a mega dose of comforting musical nostalgia” – Wonderland Magazine

“Canadian dream pop trio SWiiMS wraps us up in a comforting nostalgia with their dream pop musicality – and latest track “All I Die For,” is no different with it’s glimmering guitar lines, splashy drums and reverb-laden vocals.” – Earmilk

“There are no diamonds without massive pressure. SWiiMS funneled the last few years of struggle and strife into their art and created their stunning debut LP. And while we all turn to music for different reasons, whatever that reason is for you, you’re going to feel better after you tune in.” – New Noise Magazine

They continue to evolve their sound with their upcoming album Into The Blue Night. Along with their excellent instrumentalism comes tracks drenched in thoughtful songwriting, leaving listeners to want more. – Post-Trash

“Now gearing up for their highly anticipated forthcoming debut LP Into The Blue NightSWiiMS has clearly pushed their artistic boundaries on it. There’s real indication that the album has the makings to become classic. The album’s lead single, “All I Die For,” is hazy and gorgeous and definitely leaves us craving more.”- Buzz-Music

“They continue to evolve their sound with their upcoming album Into The Blue Night. Along with their excellent instrumentalism comes tracks drenched in thoughtful songwriting, leaving listeners to want more.”- Wonderland Magazine

In the tumultuous wake of the early days of the Covid pandemic, Canadian indie darlings emerged in the form of SWiiMS. Hailing from Toronto, this 3-piece rock outfit seamlessly blends Brit Rock, New Wave, Dream Pop, and Shoegaze elements to craft a sound uniquely their own. SWiiMS‘ journey began with Colin Thompson, who, after a few failed attempts to launch the project, serendipitously crossed paths with singer/guitarist Mai Diaz Langou. The addition of bassist Cian O’Ruanaidh completed the lineup, injecting the songs with melodic hooks and driving energy.

Their debut EP, “Through Waves,” released in 2020, captured a wave of nostalgia that resonated with listeners across diverse interests, solidifying SWiiMS as a band for everyone. Now, on November 10th, 2023, they are set to release their highly anticipated debut LP, “Into The Blue Night,” a sonic journey into the complexities of relationships and the intoxicating mix of hopefulness, bliss, and loss of control that accompanies new beginnings.

The album’s lead single, “All I Die For,” serves as a tantalizing preview of the musical tapestry that awaits. Mai Diaz Langou, the band’s lead vocalist, sheds light on the album’s theme, describing it as a reflection on the beginning stages of a relationship. She notes, “It’s about how you try to make yourself more intriguing or impressive than you are in order to keep that person interested.” The sincerity and depth of the lyrics promise a profound and relatable listening experience.

The anticipation surrounding “Into The Blue Night” is palpable, with critics already hailing it as a potential classic. SWiiMS has pushed their artistic boundaries, and the result is a mesmerizing album that captures the essence of their unique blend of influences. In the spirit of pioneers like PixiesSlowdive, and Beach HouseSWiiMS invites listeners to immerse themselves in the atmospheric allure of “Into The Blue Night.”


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