Sniffling Indie Kids/Mint 400
ADDS 4/3/18

NJ’s Subtitles have been a going concern since 2014, releasing a handful of EPs and splits. The band makes their Sniffling Indie Kids debut with their latest three-song EP, Modicum. Subtitles embrace the melodic jangle of the Shins along with the jagged rhythms of ‘90s Modest Mouse. Singer/guitarist Russell Payan has a surf rock scrape to his guitar and a voice that shifts from comforting to haunting at a moment’s notice. His lyrics really shine through in their poetic scene setting. On standout “View from the Bleachers”, Payan sings “Oh her heart is somewhere/Beating on a Brooklyn street/Conquered in Summer asphalt/Conjuring hipster heat” evoking imagery and feeling in equal measure. The song stands as Modicum’s beautiful, longing centerpiece.

The epic “All I Want to Say” closes out the EP with oceanic grandeur, building, tumbling, receding, and building again like waves crashing on the shore. Subtitles consistently tease greatness. Tune in and get in on the ground floor.

RIYL: ManDancing, LKFFCT, Cranes Are Flying
DIRTY: #1, 2, 3
(Clean version included in DL folder)

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