State Bird-Mostly Ghostly-The Record Machine

State Bird
Mostly Ghostly
The Record Machine
ADDS 2/26/08

Mostly Ghostly, State Bird’s sophomore collaboration between Coby Hartzler and Jared Riblet, and the sequel to Marching thru the Wilderness, expounds upon their manic, earthy, mantras, presenting a captivating album and a cornucopia of sound, earnest and brave… unfettered even. With towering contributions from the rest of the tribe, Ghostly finds State Bird with their feet planted firmly in the soil, heads in the clouds, gazing into the blinding sun. “I need the light to help me grow,” howls one chorus. And grow they have. Throughout the 35 and a half minutes of Mostly Ghostly, State Bird forges deeper into their folk/country roots, summoning joyous revivals and invoking hallowed tribal dirges, while vacant guitars and drunken choirs lament the extinction of an age when life was sacred and man was grateful. Join the chorus.

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