Smallpools - Life In A Simulation


Smallpools are gearing up to release their highly anticipated sophomore album LIFE IN A SIMULATION, due October 15th, 2021. The album is a collection of 10 songs written and produced by the band over the last year and a half in Nashville, LA, remote Airbnbs across the country and over the internet with the help of some talented friends. Its dynamic sound is the product of personal growth and the adaptation to the new way of life brought on by last year’s challenges.

LIFE IN A SIMULATION is a collection of thoughts, reflections and daydreams had over the course of the last couple of years. Within the band, homes were broken, built and replaced. There were high highs but some very low lows and at times, it felt like the only thing that remained constant through it all was working towards this collection of songs to keep our human connection alive.

“Ancient History” is a song about a relationship that has run its course. Both people are sticking around in hopes that their dynamic will miraculously revert back to how it was in the beginning but as each day passes, their resentment grows and the good times they long for become further etched into the past. Sometimes chapters end before we want them to, but they need to end in order to move on in life. We still have the memories and the little nostalgic things we do to relive them slightly, but we know they belong in the past.


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