Slothrust - I Promise [EP]


“Swapping bombastic R&B for sleek, bass-driven rock, Slothrust’s ‘Pony’ honors the original by treating it with reverence and respect, rather than poking fun. The result is a hard-rocking rendition complete with distorted low-end, syrupy guitar lines, hard-hitting drums, and hypnotic lead vocals.” – Consequence – Origins Feature

“‘Pony’ goes grunge, trading the original winding bass instrumental for fuzzier and notably heavier guitar and drum work from duo Leah Wellbaum and Will Gorin. Wellbaum shines on the song, delivering the lyrics with a knowing wink and the perfect hint of seduction.” – Billboard

“With their ‘Pony’ cover, Slothrust transform the song into a rumbling rocker, rendering its hiccuping-talkbox bassline into primal heavy rock.” – Stereogum

“The oddly sensual and overtly sensory combine in Slothrust’s new video for ‘Birthday Cake’…” – PAPER Magazine

“…bluesy alt rock with stellar guitar work and swaggering wordplay. Frontwoman Leah Wellbaum confronts you in a way that’s both intimidating and intriguing as she prods: “Have you ever faked sick before? Because I’m faking it right now.” – Stereogum

“Against jaunty acoustic strums, frontwoman Leah Wellbaum juxtaposes the helplessness we feel as adults with the freewheeling rowdiness of a child’s birthday party.” – Consequence of Sound

“Oh, and did we mention the song is slinky, breezy and cool AF? There. Now we did.” – Alt Press

Wellbaum challenged herself with stream-of-consciousness, automatic writing exercises in the making of “Peach,” all the while cranking up funhouse-mirror guitars toward an absolute wrecker of a chorus.” – Billboard

“‘Peach’ cleverly juxtaposes Wellbaum’s wry lyrical claim that she is ‘soft as a peach’ with the thunderous roar of her guitar, as well the powerful rhythm section constructed by drummer by Will Gorin and bassist Kyle Bann…That kind of versatility is rare and underrated.” – The 405

“Listen to songs by Slothrust, and you’ll hear aggressive sounds that hearken back to early-’90s rock bands like Nirvana and Dinosaur Jr. Listen more closely, and you’ll also hear elements of the blues that the band’s members learned when they met in their college’s jazz program.” – NPR Music

“Tender fingerpicking passages lurch into crashing speed-metal crescendos, loping country-western equestrian odes edge into menacing horror-movie pizzicato and back again.” – Village Voice

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