Russian Circles


Russian Circles
Sargent House
ADDS 10/25/11

"On October 25, Chicago instrumentalists Russian Circles will release their fourth full-length, Empros, through Sargent House. "Mladek" is a cut from the album that kicks off gently enough but eventually flips a switch that takes it into much heavier territory." - Pitchfork

Empros is one of the most viscerally exciting and completely entertaining albums I’ve heard in a long time. There is perfection in the air and the battle for album of the year just heated up again.” - Crave Online [10/10]

"Though crunching at their heaviest, the band still shines brightest when they edge toward indie-rock approachability: 'Mladek' levitates like U2 taking an echoey stab at Tool's Undertow, while the bleary-eyed, spectral coda 'Praise Be Man' could fit right alongside Liars' brooding best." - SPIN

"From the outset of Empros it’s clear that Russian Circles have something here that can finally raise them to a new plateau. Its hard not to admire them for the risks they have taken, and praiser them for how well they pulled them off." – Rock A Rolla

Russian Circles are one of the few modern-day post-rock bands that comprise a mere three members, and that’s because creating sprawling, cinematic, entirely instrumental music is hard to do with just three instruments. But this trio pulls it off with finesse (and the help of occasional loops and samples), laying down pummeling, complex metal riffs with a delicate balance of intricate composition, sense of dynamic, drama and swagger.” – Paste

“Chicago instrumental rockers Russian Circles return with their fourth full-length Empros on October 25th – and if the first single "Mladek" is any indication, the band still proudly sports their progressive, metal sound. Kicking off with a melodic guitar riff, the cut quickly grows into a much larger, explosive track.” – Rolling Stone

“Are Russian Circles finally about to hit the big time? Russian Circles always seemed destined to break out of the metal scene, anyway. Their music is heavy but it certainly can’t be called “brutal,” “crushing” or , and it’s certainly got elements of space rock, indie and more. This band could certainly cast a wide net and come up big, even though they’re instrumental.” – Metal Sucks

RIYL: Red Sparowes, Pelican, Explosions In The Sky
TRY: #2, 5, 6

Mladek by RussianCircles

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