Raylee Forest - My World [EP]


Debut EP “My World” by Emerging Dark Pop Artist Raylee Forest

Meet Raylee Forest, whose music is praised as “Perfect for the Villains in a Disney Movie,” is a talented dark pop singer-songwriter with a bold vision and a distinctive musical style.

Known for her great storytelling, Raylee excels at painting vivid scenes through her music. With tracks like “Trophy Hunter,” “Mask,” and “Puppetry,” she transports listeners deep into the Dark Forest, where eerie creatures lurk in the shadows and ancient magic thrives. These songs showcase her exceptional creativity and unique dark aesthetic, resonating with a wide audience worldwide.

Her single “Mask” has been featured on Spotify’s official playlist “HYPE+” and ranked among the top 300 songs on NetEase. “Puppetry” was honored with the “Silver Single” award on NetEase, while “Trophy Hunter” gained popularity globally for its blend of haunting cinematic drama, playfulness, and sensuality.

Started playing piano at a young age, Raylee is deeply inspired by classical greats like Beethoven and Chopin. Originally from China but now based in California, her sound seamlessly blends the sentimentality of East Asian pop with the iconic influences of artists such as Michael Jackson and Britney Spears, creating a fusion of sounds that sets her apart from Western artists.

Always eager to explore new territory, Raylee experiments with blending genres, unconventional song structures, and unexpected chord progression to create her signature sound. With her debut EP “My World” set to release in May 2024, Raylee is poised to challenge norms and push the boundaries of pop music. She’s not just an artist; she’s a driving force in the evolution of music.