Jerk Routine
ADDS 8/25/09

Mutating from folk to punk to blues, Pile has become a conglomeration of ideas and styles with roots that continue to run deeper and grow outward as it moves forward. Beginning in a base-ment as Rick Maguire's (Hel Toro) musical experiment, the project under the moniker Pile, danced into life on its own. For several years Maguire played intermittently, doing solo sets at open mic nights and in some cases provided a mellow beginning or end for shows of his friends' rock bands. The project organically  swelled to include the participation of others. Now he is joined by a full band, consisting of Kris Kuss on drums and Matthew Becker on bass. The main musical influences of Pile come from The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Elliott Smith and Queens of the Stone Age. One fan complimented the band by describing them as Fleet Foxes if Kurt Cobain joined the band. The lineup's chemistry is undeniable and each performance is raw; honest enough to stop it from being a gesture and natural in a way that shows how up there is home.

Rick is a long time Pirate! intern and friend, you may remember his last project, Hel Toro!
TRY: #2, 3, 5, 10
DIRTY: #4, 6

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