Oberon Rose - Purple, Blue & Crimson


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“…I just love this sound… it makes me feel like they’re just like giving you a hug that’s slightly too tight, but not unwanted (laughs). It’s the first single from their new album ‘Purple, Blue and Crimson’, coming out in January next year on ThouART Records, this is Oberon Rose and Revelation Mountain…” – Amy Lamé / BBC 6 Music

“The sound they make comes across as rocking, robust and decidedly their own. Credit this outfit with serving up a truly exceptional effort!” – Lee Zimmerman/Goldmine Magazine

“…it’s just like classic pop, Big Star and people like that.” – BBC Radio 6

“imagine if Thin Lizzy happened to meet up with The Only Ones in the studio toward the end of the 70s and unleashed a power-pop and punk-infused masterpiece…”  – Beats Per Minute

On their new LP Purple, Blue & Crimson, Nashville, TN’s Oberon Rose draws from a wide swath of the western canon. Weaving together everything from folk, country, and blues to glam rock, and classic pop. Wherever the muse leads them, though, thought provoking lyrical imagery and engaging melodic hooks are always at the forefront.


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