NORMY - What the Fuck Planet Are These Guys From? [EP]


“fast, loud, and full of grit” – idobi

Normy (stylized as NORMY) is an American rock band formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 2021. Their current lineup consists of bassist/vocalist Eric Egan (Heart Attack Man), guitarist/vocalist Steve Perrino (Walking Wounded), and drummer George Lucarelli (Highway Sniper, You Die First). Though their sound has diversifed throughout their career, their musical style, defined as pop-punk, blends catchy pop and punk music. Their lyrics center on relationships, adolescent frustration, and maturity—or lack thereof. The group emerged from a surburban Ohio music scene and gained notoriety for high-energy live shows and irreverent humor.


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Blink-182, Heart Attack Man, New Found Glory, NOFX, Motion City Soundtrack, State Champs
Explicit Tracks
#1, 2, 5 (clean edits on DISCO)