Mr. Lewis and The Funeral 5


Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5

Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5: Dig Into West Coast Tour

August 28 - September 6th

Austin-based "macabaret" known as Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5 have just announced their Fall Tour schedule. The band will be traveling through the West Coast, performing songs off their 2007 debut, Murder of The Art Of The Dance(Chicken Ranch Records), and will be previewing songs from their upcoming, 2009 sophomore album. You may have previously seen members of Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5, as they have performed with Firewater, Spoon, Alpha Rev, Lomita, and even Dio.

Having been interested in the allure of a New Orleans dirge, lead singer Greg Lewis penned songs with lyrics about murder, drinking and desperation backed by jubilant melodies. Somewhere between the crushed soul of Tom Waits, wave-riding guitars of The Ventures, and the dark burlesque of the Dresden Dolls, 6 feet under lays Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5.

Tour Dates:
Aug 28 Cincinnati Bar El Paso, Texas
Aug 29 TBA Las Cruces, New Mexico
Aug 30 TBA Tucson, Arizona
Aug 31 Bar Pink Elephant San Diego, California
Sep 01 The Cat Club West Hollywood, California
Sep 02 The Scene Bar Glendale, California
Sep 03 Double Down Saloon Las Vegas, Nevada
Sep 04 Hollywood Alley Phoenix, Arizona
Sep 05 Atomic Cantina Albuquerque, New Mexico
Sep 06 TBA TBA, Texas

"(Mr.) Lewis composes with cinematic sweep, taking a confident, playful, mix-and-match approach to genre. Just try to resist a devil that plays punk rock with a dash of tango." - Austin Music Magazine
"Mr. Lewis & the Funeral Five's polka/lounge/murder ballads stung like Molotov cocktails thrown through the window of a church." - Audra Schroeder, Austin Chronicle

"Mr. Lewis & the Funeral 5 bring the curtain down with the sweeping theatricality of Kurt Weill by way of Nick Cave on latest Murder and the Art of the Dance." -Greg Beets, Austin Chronicle - SXSW