Moontower - Air Take Care


Moontower is a French House inspired electro-pop band (JacobTom and Devan) known for explosive live shows and multi-media releases. Moontower first gained a dedicated fanbase taking over the LA underground live scene and quickly grew to supporting acts including Bad Suns & YUNGBLUD before releasing any music.

Now, Moontower fans love diving into the conceptual world the band builds around their releases. Their first two EP’s dropped with a sitcom inspired music video series and an innovative live performance film. For their upcoming debut album (Air Take Care) the band wrote + shot a short film on a grounded 737 airplane. There will be pop-up screenings for the film where Moontower will also sell the custom clothing line they created for the album.

Moontower’s incredibly engaged fan base grew through touring heavily. The band always does 2-3 hour meet and greets and prioritizes grassroots marketing.

Moontower uses their platform to progress gun control legislation and access to gender-affirming care. Jacob is openly pansexual and non-binary and ensures fans are supported to express and explore their identity. This is actualized on the band’s Discord (Take Care Inc) where fans constantly communicate and organize events such as meditations, book clubs, movie nights, and emotional support groups.


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