Mean Creek


Mean Creek
The Sky (Or The Underground)
Old Flame Records
ADDS 8/18/09

Mean Creek’s new release, The Sky (Or The Underground), is a valiant, dynamic effort to resurrect Boston’s relevance back to a time when bands like the Pixies, Lemonheads, and Buffalo Tom reigned supreme.

On October 13, 2009, Mean Creek will release The Sky (Or The Underground) on Old Flame Records (though the record is available now as a digital only release until then). Recorded by Chris McLaughlin (Aberdeen City) at Chelsea Studios in Chelsea, MA, the album combines the gritty, blue collar-rock of bands like Echo & the Bunnymen and the Replacements with boy-girl harmonies of Rilo Kiley and the New Pornographers.

Mean Creek have recently played shows with Buffalo Tom, Margot & the Nuclear So & So’s, Black Lips, Dead Confederate, Bishop Allen, Cotton Jones and many more.

“The Sky (Or the Underground) is destined to be one of the best local releases of the year. It’s an album of pathos and heartbreak, of big questions about life and mortality that go largely unanswered and unresolved. The title track, for instance, can be heard as a mediation on the order of things both natural and cosmic; hope and futility bundled into a four-minute format.” - Boston Globe

TRY: #2, 4, 6, 10

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