Mason Proper–Short Hand EP–Dovecote

Mason Proper
Short Hand EP
ADDS 2/19/08

There’s a certain backwards mindset that comes from growing up far away from the cultural epicenters of the world. Your brain seeks stimuli, craves it, and so when the search yields nothing, it turns inwards and invents it. This is the story of Michigan’s Mason Proper, the innocently eccentric and endlessly creative experimental pop band, developed in isolation and starved for stimulation.
“You don’t sound like you’re from Michigan. In fact, you don’t sound like you’re from anywhere.” This was a common reaction to the band after they self-released their debut album, There is a Moth in Your Chest, in 2006, but when it began climbing the college radio charts and attracted the attention of several labels, it was clear the band’s weird world was one people wanted to spend time in. As the Detroit Metro Times put it, “it’s exactly that kinetic, overturned salad bar mess that makes them so exciting.”
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