M.U.T.T. - Dirty Deeds [EP]

Quiet Panic

M.U.T.T. is announcing the release of their upcoming EP, Dirty Deeds, to be released via Quiet Panic on Feb. 23rd.

“Bad To The Bone is a masterclass in punk’s signature utilitarianism, offering up only the essentials and leaving little to the imagination. Evoking the charming trashiness of Amyl And The Sniffers and the hook-laded simplicity of early Joyce ManorM.U.T.T. has hit the ground running.”  – The Punk Site

From the genre-defining power pop of The Flaming Groovies in the 70s to the breakthrough success of Jawbreaker’s gruff but saccharine melodic punk in the 90s, San Francisco’s long standing legacy as an invaluable piece of the American underground musical landscape is hard to overstate. Emerging as worthy torchbearers of that legacy are M.U.T.T. After the premature and fraught implosion of his previous band Culture AbuseJohn Jr. was left unsure of how to proceed. Between a fizzling long-distance collaboration and an aborted hardcore project, nothing was quite falling into place. But after sending some home recordings to fellow Culture Abuse alum Matt Walker, the ghost of an idea began to take shape. In need of extra hands to fill out the lineup of a quickly emerging full-fledged band, Junior reached out to two more former Culture Abuse bandmates, Isa Anderson and Shane Plitt. In short order, a lo-fi bedroom project had morphed into a fully realized group, eager to move on from the shared trauma of their previous band’s dissolution. While the band’s first release, Bad to the Bone, was a more straightforward rock and roll album, Dirty Deeds is what this band is: a cocktail of genres and influences that make up their sound.

Recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden East in Oakland, California (Shirley is a Grammy Nominated Producer for his work with Deafheaven, also known for his work with Loma Prieta, Torso, Punch, Jeff Rosenstock, etc).   It will be released by Quiet Panic digitally on Feb. 23rd. Preorder, here.


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Culture Abuse, Turnstile, Militarie Gun, The Garden, Pkew Pkew Pkew, Metz
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