Leo Blais


Leo Blais
'Slow Drivin'
(Carbon Neutral)
ADDS 11/25/08

- This maxi-single is Part I of the Everyone's Feelin' Alone Collection

- Leo Blais is a good friend of the Pirate! family and over the next year we'll be bringing you a collection of maxi-singles called the "Everyone's Feelin' Alone" Collection totallng 40 songs. Here's what Leo had to say about the single/collection:

- "After many years of working on this album I kept telling you all about, it's finally done.  The 1st part of a collection of 40 songs called the 'everyone's feelin alone' collection....The Slow Drivin Maxi-Single contains 5 newly recorded songs.  'Slow Drivin,' is the 1st single from the 'everyone's feelin alone' LP.  It also contains a cover of George Harrison's 'Beware of Darkness' and 3 other tracks; 'This Life,' 'All in All (acoustic,)' and 'At All.' " - Leo Blais

- For more info on the series/music/videos go to: leoblais.com

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