Lemon Pitch - Threat Of Weather

Repeating Cloud

Portland, Maine’s Lemon Pitch didn’t necessarily set out to make a “darker” record for their sophomore album. It feels likely that the stinging insects, ravenous yuppies, and venereal disease that riddle the lyrical landscape of Threat of Weather seeped in from the miasma of anxiety that chokes the modern night air.

But it’s there, like an asp in the grass, hiding among the indie pop hooks and nostalgic fuzz guitars that hearken to the early days of MatadorMergeHomesteadSST.

At its core, Lemon Pitch is a group of friends getting together to try to make sense of it all. After about a year of bouncing ideas and demos around, Lemon Pitch went in to Big Nice Studios (Horse Jumper of Love, Friendship, Squirrel Flower) to record the album with Bradford Krieger, who also added some key overdubs for the Nick Lowe-inflected “Married to the Muse” and the gentrifier-baiting anthem“Giant Watches.”

The winsome lead single “California Commando” garnered the band attention from the Finnish blog One Chord to Another, Australian blog Janglepophub, and Rosy Overdrive, which proffered the best compliment of all in their recent assessment of the record: “With all this to take in, ‘Threat of Weather’ is a record in which you’ll find something new to appreciate each time you listen.”


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