La Bouquet - Chaotic Good [EP]


“…perfect for sitting in your feelings” – COMPLEX

“slick fusion of contemporary pop punk and ’80s aesthetics” – FLOOD Magazine

“pristine guitar work and gorgeous melodies” – The 405

“There’s more than first meets the ear on this record with unexpected turns and layers that demand repeated listening” – Pop Matters

The two Los Angeles miscreants of La Bouquet, Bryan Sammis & Drew Bruchs, are constantly seeking to make you feel. Whether it’s sad songs you can dance to, or introspective nostalgia – they are seeking to genre blend bedroom rattling R&B tendencies, post-punk landscapes, 80’s new wave vibe homage & the depth and creativity of folk lyricism. Lead singer Bryan says:  “There is a punk ethos behind everything we do. We don’t want everything to sound too perfect. There’s beauty in the imperfections. There’s beauty in dissonance. We just want to evoke some sort of emotion.”


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Bad Suns, COIN, Bastille, Vacation Manor, Flor, Hunny, Hippo Campus
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