Isaac Watters - Extended Play 001 [EP]


“Hear the sweat dripping from his brow as his voice shakes, quivers and cracks as if these Southwester ramblers are the most important thing in the world.” – LA Times

“…unapologetically cerebral.” – Magnet Magazine

 “…it’s hooked me, line and sinker. ‘Everywhere I go, I leave a little sadness,’ sung in the vein of Wolf Parade’s wobbly warbles? Take my money.” – Monster Children on “Sadness”

“Known for cinematic, electro-baked…Watters draws lyrically vivid landscapes to accompany his soundscapes. Often he sketches forlorn places fraught with peril — territory that seems to occupy more acreage these days.” – Buzzbands LA

Extended Play 001 offers a first full glimpse of his restless and idiosyncratic artistic impulses, with tracks diverting towards minimalist art pop, funky indie rock, and off-kilter balladry.” – Under the Radar

“The song is reminiscent of the post rock psychedelic phase of the 80s, with a touch of folk and an impassioned message which almost becomes spoken word poetry.” – Folk n Rock on “Listen to the Wind”

Los Angeles based artist, Isaac Watters, has released his new EP, Extended Play 001, his first release on the LA based label hi-res records. A four song EP featuring Watters’ singular blend of ethereal indie rock and post-punk, expansive storytelling narratives, and sun-baked shimmering sonics, and more. Extended Play 001 features his previously released singles including “Listen to the Wind,” “Sadness,” “Child in the Rain,” as well as the previously unheard “Sliding.”

Much of Watters’ work considers his place in the world, and the way in which an ever-evolving relationship between man and the wild can shape one’s innermost feelings, and vice versa. His music examines the wilderness not just as a setting, but as living, breathing force, whose presence and influence is felt even before it is consciously considered. “The mountains, the ocean, the slow disintegration of the world we have known, and the rise and fall of civilization,” says Watters when speaking on the meaning behind Extended Play 001.

“The flailing power grid, the eroding canyons, the roads sliding down the edge of the coast into the sea.” For Watters, the wilderness envelopes nature and humanity, and weaves a thread between these forces that can never be unwound, for better and for worse. The wilderness does not end at the edges of nature, it reverberates across all corners of the Earth, and within its inhabitants. (Continue reading full bio on DISCO)


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