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In Flight Radio
The Sound Inside
Last Broadcast Records
ADDS 4/1/08

In Flight Radio created waves with their 2006 self-titled debut – building a dedicated Northeastern US fanbase, and receiving accolades from hometown magazines, including Time Out New York, The Deli Magazine, and Big Takeover. “The thing that we always hear is we’ve got that big British rock sound, but the female vocal changes it up for everybody,” explains the group’s Brooklyn-born singer and guitarist, Peira. “I definitely think that helps us stand out. Plus, there aren’t any divas in this band – no rock stars. There’s not a single perfectly messy, shaggy hairdo on stage when we play.” The band’s members are undeniably influenced by modern American indie rock, but have an equal fondness for the atmospheric guitar work of British bands such as The Doves and Radiohead.

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