Hush Club - Fingerprints & Stains


“Each [track] offer[s] multiple layers of emotion that feel orchestral, with pockets of twang, indie-pop, and shoegaze intertwined without one overpowering the other…it all adds up to a certain mood that Hush Club are claiming as their own.” – Vanyaland

Hush Club brings…a warmth and energy that transcends just normal live performance excitement and, instead, speaks more to the band’s stylistic flexibility and sheer talented inventiveness.” – Sound of Boston

“So keep your ears peeled; they are currently working on their next full-length, which I can only imagine will be another step forward for a band that takes a big one with each release.” – Boston Hassle

Steeped in softness, Hush Club’s refined psychedelic sound is at once intimate and expansive: their dreamy, honest rock moves with thoughtful confidence.  Chris Haley (guitar, vocals), Liz Kantor (keys, vocals), and Alasdair MacKenzie (drums, bass, vocals) craft music that is, at its core, an open-hearted effort to explore ambiguity.

The band’s new album, Fingerprints & Stains (out November 12), encompasses a vast emotional spectrum, taking listeners beyond peaks and valleys and examining the nuances of our shared human experience.  Chris, Liz, and Alasdair wrote and recorded the songs for the album while isolating together in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the result is a layered meditation on the insights and doubts that arise when one has plenty of time––maybe too much time––to think. The music unravels slowly and intentionally, weaving together finely crafted melodies, lush textures, and soul-searching poetry.  Grounded in narrative, every song asks questions without settling for easy or simple answers.

Hush Club formed in Boston, playing their first shows to college friends.  Their introspective lyrics and rich vocal blend make every show an intimate connection between band and audience––and among the band members themselves.  The band recently made its post-lockdown live debut with a sold-out headlining show at Cambridge, MA’s iconic Club Passim, a stage that has been graced by Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman, and John Mayer.

While listeners must decide just what meaning to take away from the music, there is no mistaking that this tight-knit group believes in what they sing.

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