Huron John - Indigo Jack [EP]

Always Outside/Acrophase

Huron John is always evolving. A 23-year-old multimedia artist from Chicago, Illinois now based in Nashville, Tennessee, Huron provides a new layer of definition to the “do-it-yourself” indie standard. Entirely producing, writing, and engineering a now multi-album discography, the project’s genre-defying sounds proudly shapeshift into a rainbow-spectrum of moods and flavors. Using a wholesomely grassroots approach to independently amass over 30 million listens worldwide, they have carefully supplemented album rollouts with a multimedia angle including physical art books, psychedelia-soaked visuals and philanthropic campaigns. Utilizing a ‘mystery-ridden online persona’ (MTV) and a ‘day-tripper sound that delivers glitch juxtaposed with groove’ (Ones To Watch), a mesmerizing melting-pot of alternative, electronic & sound-collage are delivered with ease.

Taking almost 3 years to meticulously craft their upcoming 3rd LP, the album marks Huron incorporating a variety of firsts for the project. Utilizing an eclectic arsenal of musical collaborators, visual artists (sizeably including Milan-based oil painter Tommaso Di Raimondo) and experimental recording techniques, the album marks a dramatic step forward in the Huron John story. Created with an almost method-actor-esque attitude of “pretending during recording as if this would be my last opportunity to ever make music”, the upcoming release was treated with painstaking intentionality. Patiently embarking on a process taking place in over 25 studio spaces across America, a large part of recording occurred inside an all-concrete commercial warehouse / music venue in East Los Angeles in which they lived throughout. Daringly fusing a vintage-tinged-twist on modern pop music with ethereal textures like harp and a live orchestra, the album is experienced as the musical equivalent to flipping through paint color samples at an interior design firm. Thematically centered around the concept of “becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable”, the upcoming LP easily functions as the Huron discography’s defining statement.

Finding its footing in 2018 as a virtually unknown project, their catalog has become essential listening within D.I.Y-arts communities. Making ample noise in 2020-2021 with an almost-absurdist concept album about a young Andy Warhol persuading extraterrestrials to not destroy the Earth, the now cult-favorite double album “Apocalypse Wow / cartoon therapy” uniquely built the Huron project a smile-inducing foundation. Aiming for the creation of a grander discography-wide statement, every subsequent release marks an upgrade in all aspects of quality and concept “to try and describe the short lifetimes we all share”. Forever aimed at being an inclusive world of solace for “people from all walks of life”, the Huron John project is a reflective musical guest book for all passersby to write their name into.


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