Huron John - Indigo Jack & The New World Border

Always Outside/Acrophase

The release of Huron John’s newest album Indigo Jack & The New World Border (Feb. 9th) is finally here! Everything but conventional, the album transforms dark and traumatic life experiences such as divorce and personal loss into a blissful adventure illustrated through sound that embodies resilience. The curated album experience takes listeners on an immersive expedition through an arsenal of genres: textured indie-pop, bouncing R&B, nocturnal electronic and potent shoegaze all sit tastefully aside orchestral elements and swirling synthesizers. Album-cuts like the euphoric introduction “OF A DREAM” or the Y2K-inspired broodiness of “PICK A FACE FOR IT” build on a rich world already presented through various singles and teasers while keeping fans guessing as to where the ride of this project will finally drop them off.

Visually fusing the aesthetics of fantasy children’s worlds such as Where The Wild Things Are with the sonic bliss of Toro Y Moi or The Avalanches, the innovative melting-pot of musical and visual influences culminate in an album-length film. Further amplified through an already sold-out screening event in Chicago (Feb. 23) prior to digital release (March 8th), the album’s multimedia package is densely layered. The project symbolizes beautiful contradictions: finding peace in chaos, introspective reflection while celebrating the outside world, or the simple act of appreciating the present before it has vanished. Placing an eclectic array of collaborators (Frost Children, Matthew Neighbour, Bren Joy & many more) throughout the project, the bold and technicolor universe built through the INDIGO JACK & THE NEW WORLD BORDER album is nothing short of awe-inducing.


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