Welcome, All That's Difficult
Audio Eagle

... Tells Us Why Life is Hard
On their upcoming album "Welcome, All That's Difficult"(Audio Eagle)
"Proud Utility Infielder" Released for Download
Akron, Ohio's own Houseguest are preparing to release their fourth album, Welcome, All That's Difficult. This will be the latest release from Audio Eagle, the record label owned by Patrick Carney of The Black Keys. With it's pop rock roots, distinctive vocals, and a whole lot of keyboards, Welcome, All That's Difficult is a throw back to when rock was fun. You can expect tracks ranging from metaphoric baseball life-lessons, all the way to the hardships of the bottom-feeding Mollusk. With influences ranging from Dire Straits and Tom Petty, to Rush and Queen, this is one Houseguest you won't ask to leave.
Drummer Stephen Clement (formerly of Six Parts Seven), guitar players David Rich and David Whited, bassist Gabriel Schray, and lead singer Ted Mallison came together to form Houseguest back in 2001. Since then, they've put out three records, and played countless shows, which always inevitably end in shirtless antics. It has been suggested that Houseguest is a Brit-Pop band... minus the 'actually British' part. In past reviews, they've been compared to such bands as XTC, The Wedding Present, and Orange Juice, and were praised by McSweeney's as "the best pop band in the country". Houseguest's enthrallingly catchy new album, Welcome, All That's Difficult, will be released on October 28th, 2008.

Houseguest in the Press!

"[this] band's music is so Goddamn immediate, exciting, and catchy that it wouldn't even matter if they didn't have a sense of humor."
-U Weekly

"while the abandon of their stage presence is something to behold, what they are capable of committing in the studio is staggeringly beautiful, skewed pop. 8 out of 10."
"Houseguest is a bunch of smart guys making smart, fun music."
-The Akron Beacon Journal

"Houseguest is simply the best pop band in the country."

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