Harpers - What Do We Do Now?


Harpers creatively swings between genres and integrates differentiating instrumental elements into each track. With aesthetic and flare, the tracks fly by while the listener inevitably sways and bobs from start to end.” – Liz Corrigan, Salt Lake UnderGround Magazine

Harpers’ latest single, “Ease Your Mind” has a gently psychedelic sound, a kind of pleasant theatre for the mind. Its biggest strengths are the recording itself and the production. This is an indie-rock that ought to take exactly no effort to get into. This is because it is extremely well-crafted. It’s a plug-in-play experience, a smooth, professional sound that can be glued onto just about any playlist you’re working on right now. Similar artists: Dr. Dog, Sam Evian, Drug Cabin, John Andrews & The Yawns, Foxygen.“ – Eduard Banulescu, ALT77

Harpers creates a sound that is uniquely their own; one they’ve understandably described as “psychedelic southwestern.” Spend some time with this album listening, relistening, and listening again. You’ll be hard-pressed not to fall in love with it.” – Jordan Ottesen, Provo Music Magazine

“The album has a beautiful way of sort of swimming around in the air that surrounds you and when you begin to swim with it, it feels amazing as this record is more of an experience than just an album. When you listen to it you are just pulled away from the things that are surrounding you and you are put into this different world altogether for a time.” – Rag Magazine

Harpers is a self-described cosmic Americana / soft psych group from Salt Lake City, Utah. Their distinct mélange of Beatlesque psychedelia and twang-tinged southwestern folk has won them a loyal regional following as well as opportunities to perform with Hand Habits, The Backseat Lovers, Broken Social Scene, Liz Cooper and the Stampede, Little Moon, The National Parks, Joshua James, and many more.

Their sophomore record, What Do We Do Now? (out April 5th) is their most cohesive work yet, with the majority of the record flowing seamlessly from one song to the next. While the songs stand on their own as individual tracks, a delightfully psychedelic experience awaits the listener who plays the whole record from beginning to end.  This album covers a broad and eclectic soundscape. From upbeat Paul Simon-inspired folk rock, to disco bass grooves and conga lines, to folk ballads reminiscent of Townes Van Zandt; all glued together with robust harmonies and tasteful production.“

My favorite albums all feel like they are inviting you on some sort of journey,” says Harpers’ singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Jacob Beck. “I wanted to make an album that covers a lot of ground; has a lot of range from song to song… as if each song is bringing you through a different landscape, but it’s all in the same universe. Hopefully we did that… It was a labor of love with my best friends and I hope that that comes through too. I guess I just hope people like it and that this album can be a fun escape for them like it was for me when I was writing it.”


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