HARBOUR - To Chase My Dreams, Or To Just Lie Down?


“summery, beach-ready vibe” –CityBeat

“With record-setting sellouts in their hometown it’s easy to see that their energetic and inclusive live performances have sent them on the fast track to success.” –CincyMusic

Since their formation in 2014, HARBOUR has gone from packing rooms in their native Cincinnati to selling out venues all across the United States. Members Ryan Green (vocals/guitar), Jarett Lewis (guitar), Ryan Sulken (drums), Walker Atkinson (bass), and Devon Turner (guitar) have curated an infectious indie pop/rock sound that transfers seamlessly into their live shows, garnering millions of listeners across various music platforms.

Poised for release on 2/24/2023, To Chase My Dreams, Or To Just Lie Down? is HARBOUR’s fourth studio album, and a compelling display of the band’s sonic maturation during their tenure as a group. Birthed in solitude and drawing inspiration from the uncertainty of daily life amidst a global pandemic, this 10 song grouping is a raw depiction of the delicate relationship between an artist and a dream.

The feature track, Fish Tank – whose chorus lyrics echo the album’s titular question – reflects the dance of fear and longing that concurrently pulls you away and pushes you toward your deepest desires; the paradoxical pursuit of that which also causes the deepest pain.  Floating melodies juxtapose ruminating lyrics, painting a vivid illustration of the narrator’s internal war between the desire to chase a dream, and the apathy that undercuts that ambition.


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Grizfolk, Colony House, COIN, Sarah and The Sundays, lovelytheband, Cage The Elephant
Explicit Tracks
#1, 2, 3, 5, 10 (Clean edits of #1, 2, 3, 5 on DISCO)