Happy Just To See You - Ways to Cope


Sometimes music makes you think, other times, like with Happy Just To See You, it seems to hit you right in the gut with its honest, open-hearted charms, whatever excitement they have in store for us, I for one can’t wait to see where this band’s journey takes them next. – For The Rabbits

“Ways to Cope” is a resonating rock single from New Hampshire-based act Happy Just to See You. The expressive, rousing track precedes the act’s upcoming self-titled album, anticipating to release in early 2024. – Obscure Sound

Happy Just to See You (HJ2CU) is an indie-rock band from southern New Hampshire with a penchant for emotive and folk-tinged music. With bombastic highs and pensive, emotional lows, HJ2CU’s music discovers the hidden beauty of both the mundane in our everyday lives as well as the emotional rollercoasters of trauma and grief. Under the textural foundation of smashing drums, steady playful bass, roaring guitars, beautiful viola, and often dour yet tongue-in-cheek lyricism, HJ2CU has one main goal: to make you feel something, anything. More succinctly put, think Manchester Orchestra by way of the Weakerthans with a side order of Lucero.


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Wilco, MJ Lenderman, Pile, Pedro The Lion, Horse Jumper of Love, Ratboys
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