Gelax - Shhh...

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“… will take no time burrowing deep into your brain” – CBC Radio

“On a mission to break your expectations & shake you out of your comfort zone.” – Toronto Guardian

Darkwave/post-punk duo Gelax return with their new album, Shhh…, their most powerful musical statement to date. Melding darkwave, post-punk, indie rock and electronic pop, the Toronto based band is known for bold visuals, complex lyrical themes, and captivating songwriting prowess. An undeniable musical force.

Composed of singer-songwriter Gelareh and multi-instrumentalist Tareq, the pair is unapologetic and experimental in their approach to art. They first made waves with the release of a string of well-received singles between 2017 and 2019, culminating in 2021’s critically acclaimed EP, Dreamonic. From the music, to the haunting imagery, their stunning wardrobe and videos, Gelax is an experience to behold, and it wasn’t long before they caught the attention and support from the likes of CBC RadioToronto Guardian and A&R Factory.

Fast forward to 2024, Shhh… is a perfect reintroduction to Gelax and a vivid explanation as to why it seemed they went dark for a few years — they’ve been hard at work. Initially conceived during periods of heavy isolation throughout the COVID pandemic and inspired by the Iranian Women Freedom Movement and ongoing unrest in Palestine, the new album sees Gelareh and Tareq taking a notably more ominous turn than in previous efforts. Their hardest-hitting material yet, the songs ride massive sonic waves of synths, electric guitars, drum beats, and melodic melodies, drenched in introspection and reflection. Gelareh’s vocals soar over striking, layered, catchy soundscapes. Both more confident and vulnerable than they’ve ever been, the new album finds the band leaning into themes of cancel-culture, freedom of thought and speech, and more.


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Phantogram, Warpaint, Cults, Polica, Caroline Polachek
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