For Family and Flag Vol. 1 - Various Artists

Pirates Press Records

Ever since the hugely successful “One Family One Flag“ (3LP comp, celebrating Pirates Press Records’ 200th release), the outright demands from fans (& punk DJs!) for more compilations has mounted steadily.

Partly to quell the masses, and equally to satisfy our own desire to curate a playlist of our favorite newest additions to the Pirates Press Records catalog, we proudly introduce “For Family And Flag“, a new compilation series aimed at more regularly promoting music from across the spectrum of bands representing the Pirates Press Records family.

Amongst these tracks you’ll find new and unreleased material, hits and favorites from recent records, and everything in between. Together, it demonstrates the diversity of bands flying the same flag, coming together to celebrate their music and contributions to the community as a whole… It’s a damn fine playlist too, start to finish.

Having so many great bands and great songs together, it doesn’t get much more fun than this!

Grab a copy online or down at your local record store. Aaaaarrrrggggh!!

#2, 8, 12, & 14 are new/previously unreleased!


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Cock Sparrer, The Slackers, The Bar Stool Preachers, Bishops Green, Lenny Lashley