El Valerie - Pan-American Pop

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“heartfelt bedroom pop” – The Big Takeover

El Valerie has a special charm and appeal to her music; it’s intimate and urgent. It feels at times like El Valerie is whispering softly in your ear. The music at times is simplistic but has South American flair to it which makes it much more interesting than a lot of bedroom pop.” – BloodMakesNoise.net

“Like any great entertainer she understands how to tread the line of chaos/order, harmony/cacophony.” – Recclective 

“Nice honest music that is pleasing to listen to, like a dish that is seasoned properly for well-balanced delicious flavor!” – Eternitytree

“Earnest bedroom meditations from Providence, Rhode Island based singer songwriter Valerie Geller” – Diamonddeposits

“art pop, her music is minimalist and soulful, colored with sparse drum machine, humming ambiance, bluesy guitar, and clear crooning.” – Counterzine

El Valerie returns this April with Pan-American Pop, her latest batch of songs that could best be described as off-kilter pop written through a lens of Latina young adulthood.

The Providence, RI-based singer and multi-instrumentalist lets her varied influences peek through in her work as she freely bounces between genres, from dazzling electro-pop to garage rock to cumbia and beyond, including a cover of Brazilian rock icon Caetano Veloso. The record opens with “I Always Hold On A Little Too Long”, a relentless indie-rock jam built on Valerie’s signature cohesive and well-structured songwriting; it’s just the first of the album’s many slick yet sincere takes on her mid-twenties, spread out over ten tracks.

Following 2022’s mini-album Tender Ardor, which peaked at #121 on NACC’s Top 200 upon release, Pan-American Pop is sure to enchant listeners once again.


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