Duquette Johnston - The Social Animals

Single Lock

Duquette Johnston’s “Tonight,” is an anthemic, lighters-aloft closer to his forthcoming album The Social Animals, due out February 25th on Single Lock Records. Originally penned by the Alabama indie stalwart in 2007 shortly after his release from prison,“Tonight” carries an unwaveringly optimistic message of hope and resilience. After founding the breakout 90s indie band Verbena and touring alongside The Strokes and Foo Fighters, Duquette struggled with addiction and spent years in and out of an Alabama prison system more focused on “zero tolerance” than genuine rehabilitation. Now a vocal prison reform advocate who’s dedicated his life to giving back in his Birmingham community, Duquette operates a New York Times and Vogue-approved clothing store/art gallery/performance space/community center with a mission to bring the arts to low income neighborhoods. It’s that same sense of positivity and altruism at the core of Duquette’s music, specifically on the latest single “Tonight.”

“This song was written in 2007 and has been arranged and recorded and never released for all these years, yet it’s the song that I end every show with. And it always ends up with masses of people just chanting ‘Tonight tonight, it’ll be alright,’ because that’s the truth. It’s consolation in a f*cked up world. It’s an invocation of our collective heartbeat and the solidarity that we can find together, even when the world is falling apart.” – Duquette Johnston

Duquette has been a well respected artist in the South for over 25 years. He is also runs a great local shop in Birmingham and now after a long wait has put out a tremendous new album. It was well worth the wait.” – Geno Pearson (Program Director/Co-Owner Birmingham Mountain Radio)

The Social Animals features a core band of Steve Shelley (drums), Emil Amos (bass), David Swatzell (guitar) and Seth Brown (keys), and teams Johnston with acclaimed producer John Agnello (Waxahatchee, Hop Along)