Darksoft - Beigeification

Look Up

“aching guitar chords and hushed, velvety vocals” – The Big Takeover, edition #91

“Only Time Will Tell is a lush and dreamy track” – Destroy//Exist

“every time I replayed ‘Only Time Will Tell’ I felt renewed” – mp3hugger

Darksoft presents a new album, Beigeification, a postmodern dose of beigey moods and pastel phrases to match the disillusionment of our age. The 9-song album combines elements of dream pop, shoegaze, and alternative rock, with soothing velvety vocals.

The album is mixed by Brian Fisher (Hibou, Éclo, Eastern Souvenirs), and mastered by Stefan Mac (Cold War Kids, No Vacation, Sea Lemon). Beigeification is released alongside three music videos. All songs are radio-friendly.

Beigeification is released digitally by Look Up Records, with tapes printed by Olympia-based 2060 Records.

Beigeification is out Friday, January 13th, 2023, on all digital platforms. CDs, Tapes, and Digital Downloads will be for sale on Bandcamp.


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