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Kensington Heights
Arts & Crafts
ADDS 4/8/08

“The Constantines maintain a feverishly partisan dedication to the wild delirium of rock ’n roll…air punchingly anthemic.”-NME
“…It’s a little hard to put one’s finger on just why I thought they were so so good: They hold back, hinting at a blow-out that only occasionally comes made all the more satisfying by its infrequency, riling up the crowd by rolling through their terse tunes with only a little added live muscle, and letting Webb do his thing all over them. When they go for it, it’s astonishing…” – Pitchfork (SXSW Review by Paul Thompson)
The Constantines are the children of Fugazi, stepbrothers to Make-Up and Trail of Dead, the grand-kids of Springsteen and Strummer. They call what they do soul music, not because of what it sounds like, but where it hits you.”- EYE Weekly

TRY: #1, 5, 7
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