Christina Ward - Shapeshifter [EP]

Mint 400

“mesmerizing blend of psychedelic, electronic-infused folk” – The Rodeo Mag

Christina Ward torches her former self. The flames lick her heels, propelling her further into self-actualization and the kind of prickly songwriting that forges careers – B-Sides & Badlands

“Singer-songwriter from Doylestown, Pennsylvania; soft-as-a-whisper folk music, with spiderwebs of guitarand vocal melodies as comforting as a lullaby” – NPR Music

Christina Ward has been warming hearts and chilling spines with her brand of psychedelic and electronic infused folk. The Doylestown-based artist has been making folky indie rock dating as far back as 2009; during the pandemic lockdown, after many years off, she returned to songwriting, releasing new recordings in a more isolated, reflective dreampop style — think Cocteau Twins and Mazzy Star – John Vettese, WXPNWard’s new EP is a collection four stripped down raw ethereal songs; a nod to her folky beginnings.

The opening track and EP’s namesake, Shapeshifter, is a haunting tribute to Ward’s dog who passed in 2021 – a 2 minute and 30 second acknowledgment that all things are temporary. The track Trophy is a beat and bass driven tune that highlights Ward’s vocal agility.