Chris LaRocca - i cried my eyes out

Red Bull Records/Wonderchild

Canadian multi-instrumentalist Chris LaRocca is set to release his debut album ‘i cried my eyes out’ on October 13. The unapologetically raw album is a culmination of EP releases ‘perhaps’ and ‘smile because it happened’ that Chris LaRocca has been making waves with this year, it will also include additional brand-new tracks to complete a busy year for Chris LaRocca.

Chris LaRocca will support this release by embarking on 3 headline shows in New YorkLos Angeles and a hometown show in Toronto in November following the album release. Contact us with any requests!

This will be the first full length album release via Red Bull Records in partnership with producer, songwriter, and executive WondaGurl under her label imprint, Wonderchild.

As creatives, we really struggle, and sacrifice so much of our personal lives and mental health to get to where we want to be. All that the audience sees is the final result – they don’t see any of what went into it, and I really just wanted to pull the curtain back on that process and what it does to us. This theme is in so many songs on this album, songs like “troubadors”, “deep end”, “life of the party”, and most importantly the title track itself “i cried my eyes out”. With this album I really just wanted to advocate for a lot of the pressures and struggles that we all experience but don’t talk about – I wanted to be unapologetically raw about how a lot of artists and creatives feel but don’t speak about publicly. It’s okay to feel like you’re not where you want to be, and I just want everyone who’s struggling in their own lives to find some solace in that idea. It’s not an easy pathway, and there will be tears for many reasons, but if you can push through and make something you’re proud of that can inspire others to do the same, you’re doing something right.  – Chris LaRocca

Recent press around the EP releases include: Complex CA, Variety, Canadian Beats, Celebmix, Wordplay, The Luna Collective, Wonderland, CULTR, Sidedoor Magazine

A penchant for just the right amount of disorder is woven into Chris LaRocca’s roots. The Toronto vocalist and producer was first exposed to music through the jazz his father played around his childhood home in Woodbridge, Ontario, opening up his ears to the likes of Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Later in his youth, he played in bands with friends, morphing through screaming post-hardcore, electronic-tinged indie, and the unconventional spirit of math rock. Together, they toured across Canada, playing house shows and DIY gigs in nearly every state, reveling in the atmosphere of those intimate, sweaty spaces.

“It was really, really fun because it was just a very raw environment, and the way that music sounds in those places has always stuck with me,” LaRocca explains. “It’s loud and chaotic, and everyone’s singing along. I try to have that energy in my music when it’s recorded now.”

WondaGurl, the Grammy-nominated Canadian producer, songwriter and head of Wonderchild, the label to which LaRocca is signed in partnership with Red Bull Records, quickly gave ‘perhaps!’ her seal of approval, instilling new confidence in her signee. “She was the first person to make me believe in myself as a producer,” he says. “She’s really a mentor to me and has given me so much life advice that’s helped me so much. I don’t think this music would sound the way it does if it weren’t for her involvement and influence.” (continue reading full bio on DISCO)


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