Brimstone Howl–Guts of Steel–Alive Records

Brimstone Howl
Guts of Steel
Alive Records

“Four Beatles-headed psych-nerds with a taste for razor-sharp snake rock. ‘I’m 20 years old and… I may not live to see 21’, screams maniac John on ‘Tomahawk’, the deadly soundtrack to a fit of square-scalping.” – NME
“Hailing from the wilds of Nebraska, they sound like they’re damned to hell by the local congregation, run out of town for crimes committed in the name of rural boredom.” – Kerrang
“Channels the ghosts of Jim Morrison and Rob Tyner with reverence and aplomb.” – Amplifier
“Between the screeching harp and teeth-rattling tempos, there are great songs.” – Uncut
“Guts Of Steel,” has been engineered and produced by Dan Auerbach (Black Keys) with the band
RIYL: Black Keys, Buffalo Killers, SSM
TRY: #1, 8, 12