Birthday Dad - The Hermit


Imagine if Bright Eyes locked themselves in a room for a year and only listened to Jack’s Mannequin. Birthday Dad’s debut album, The Hermit, would be the result.

Songwriter Alex Periera roots started in a mini Les Paul his father gifted to him at the ripe age of 4, only to sit and collect dust until he turned 10. From there, he found himself forming bands and writing Blink 182 rip-offs with friends. Somewhere, an 8 track demo tape exists, but we’ll probably never hear it.

As Birthday Dad took root in 2019, COVID quickly sheltered the artist in place and turned the project into a solo adventure in writing. On The Hermit, Alex found himself writing about the anxiety of life, isolation, and sitting at home watching TV. With the songs taking shape, he needed to recruit musicians to fill the space. Through Reddit and Fiverr, he found an assortment of talented musicians, and eventually was led to Will Schade — who played saxophone on Slaughter Beach, Dog’s album “At the Moonbase”. He then found George Gadd, a UK based engineer who mixed the album, and All Get Out’s Nathan Hussey who mastered the album. Through the power of the internet, an isolated songwriter found his voice and created something beautiful to share with us all.


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Bright Eyes, Jack's Mannequin, The Format, String Machine, Wild Pink, Mo Troper
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