Babebee - whatislove2u? [EP]


“While difficult to define within the narrow lens of genre, it always has that inventive, imaginative allure, a sense just how beautifully displaced pure originality can be…” – Ones To Watch

Korean American artist Babebee (they/them) has announced their new EP ‘whatislove2u?’ due for release on April 5th via Epitaph Records. The follow up to their label debut EP ‘A PROPHECY’ released last November, the new project continues in their trend of introspective songwriting and fanciful arrangements as they attempt to shatter the destructive cycles that occur within their romantic relationships.

The EP’s addictive lead single “NEXT2U” is a dreamy bedroom pop banger with lyricism that “follows the struggle of experiencing avoidant behavior,” says Babebee. “This results in anxiety from being pushed and pulled from both directions by someone you love, but at the end of the day you still want to be with them.”

Written in a headspace consumed by desperation and nostalgia, Babebee approached the five songs on whatislove2u? from a place of fantasy over reality. Evoking escapism by way of lush electronic soundscapes, idiosyncratic beats and breathy vocals, they craft a dreamlike safe space to meditate on their behaviors in past relationships through a self-aware lens. Delving into various attachment styles, the EP chronicles their quest to finally feel “secure” in themselves; whether that’s alone or in a partnership.

“Reflecting on my past, I noticed a pattern of a lot of my relationships starting and ending in a similar cycle,” Babebee explains. “I wanted to write about the process of experiencing those patterns and eventually breaking the spell.”

While the EP draws on deeply personal experiences, they are not only illustrated through lyrics. ‘whatislove2u?’ was produced entirely by the artist themself, which to Babebee felt like “diving into my past and ripping pages out of my journal.” Adding another layer of intimacy to this revealing music, Babebee worked with a select few close collaborators including producer jodah. and French hyperpop artist angelus.

Boldly tackling the complexities of generational trauma, Babebee’s 2022 album Mind Over Matter was hailed as a “cohesive, expressive full-length project of experimental but accessible songs” by Pigeons & Planes. After signing to Epitaph Records in 2023, they released their label debut EP A PROPHECY later that year, praised by KEXP for its “tales of heartbreak and human connection”. Turning their songwriting inward with a focus on being intentional with yourself, with ‘whatislove2u?’ Babebee remind us,

Love shouldn’t be conditional, especially towards ourselves. We should be allowed to express love in the most authentic way, heal our inner child and express our needs without feeling unsafe.” 

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