Audri - Swan Song [EP]


Audri is a new Seattle songwriter and producer. In March 2020, she released her first EP, Aud, and her second EP, Stunted Growth, in March 2021. Her latest EP, Swan Song, releases in November 2021.

Audri treats each song she writes/produces as its own entity. It’s not about achieving a certain sound or genre, but telling a story. Each song places its protagonist in a common or unique life situation and follows their journey, exploring the human condition, emotions, behavior, and the power of choice.

All three EPs were recorded at the legendary Robert Lang Studios. Her bandmates include Elliot Austin (bass), Giovanni Recchi (drums), and Sawyer Thompson (guitar). Her talented team comprises Chris Rahm (recording engineer), Austen Jux-Chandler (mixing engineer), and Rachel Field (mastering engineer). Organic orchestral accompaniments are arranged by Phillip Peterson and performed by Phillip Peterson, Chet Peterson, and Victoria Parker.


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