45 Adapters - Unstoppable

Pirates Press Records

Pirates Press Records is proud to present the new LP by 45 Adapters, entitled Unstoppable.

The long-running New York City “Maximum Oi ’n B” combo are a band that lives by a few credos. “Dress Well, Drink Heavily.” “Don’t Trust Anyone Who Doesn’t Dance.” These values are on full display within the grooves of Unstoppable. Singer Pickabar & bassist Carlos are back with three new recruits to the band, and the group sounds revitalized, laying down the album in just two days at Noisy Little Critter studio with Mike Bardzik at the helm. Regarding the sentiments of the title track and lead single, Pickabar elaborates, “[‘Unstoppable’] is about rock ‘n roll and how much it shapes our lives. I’ve been hooked since I was a teenager and I still feel that same electric thrill listening to it, playing it, even talking about it…There’s something deeper that goes back to the root of what it means to be human. And I’m stoked to be even a tiny part of that.”

Across other album highlights such as “Refuse To Die,” “But I Can’t,” and “Are You Down?” Pickabar expounds on his thoughts on being a lifer in the skinhead subculture, interpersonal relationships, and life in general. And it is unlikely that the identity of the “Con Man From Queens” will be lost on listeners, no matter how far from the Five Boroughs they may come from.

After fifteen years and numerous EPs, singles, splits, and collections, 45 Adapters are finally releasing their first proper LP. Longtime listeners and new fans alike are bound to agree that Unstoppable, at long last, is their definitive statement, and the record that fully captures their acclaimed live energy.


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#2, 4, 6 (clean edits on DISCO)